About Us

We supply unique character furniture. We’re proud to say that we recently fitted the kitchen and dining department at Liberty of London with a range of our lovely upcycled pieces. You can buy our furniture from Liberty over the next few years, or you can come directly to us.

“Lovely pieces of furniture with character.”

Our bespoke items are sourced from Britain, Ireland, France and Hungary, and we’re great at seeing the value in pieces that other people might overlook. The often neglected, battered pieces that come to us are redolent with history; after being expertly restored by us, they become tomorrow’s heirlooms, to be loved and cherished for generations to come. Our pieces are an investment, as well as being well-built and functional. This is furniture that can take the wear and tear of family life, and still look great.

“Fantastic! This table was made for our kitchen.”

Sustainability is at the heart of our business: 90% of the materials we use are reclaimed. We restore with integrity, staying true to the original materials. Our pieces are honest: we don’t hide their history, and we love their blemishes.

Our customers love the excellent finish of our products, our attention to detail, and our friendly and thoughtful service. We only sell pieces that we would be happy to have in our home, and our high standards ensure that our customers keep coming back. We look forward to meeting you!


We supply a wide range of unique vintage items, including dressers, tables, kitchen cabinets, benches, chests and wardrobes. Each piece has a story to tell – we’ll pass on everything we know when you purchase an item.

We source pieces to order. Let us know exactly what you are looking for, and we’ll do our best to find it, via our excellent contacts in Britain and Europe.

We renovate your furniture. If you’d like your own beloved item restored, contact us to find out more about our renovation service.

We design and build bespoke furniture. Using reclaimed wood from Victorian mills, our beautifully made pieces can be designed according to your requirements.

“Once again, a beautiful item and first class service.”

“A stunning wardrobe, beautifully painted. I am delighted. Thankyou.”

“A gorgeous and unique table.”

“Extremely understanding and professional. I love your work.”

“Stunning furniture – I love your style.” “Very helpful throughout and a pleasure to deal with.”

“Lovely people to do business with.”